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Yes! Please note that complimentary shipping on orders over $50 is only offered for domestic orders within Australia.

Yes, all ingredients are vegan.

Absolutely. Prevention is key when it comes to oral health, so why not instil healthy habits early. Children’s toothpaste normally consists of a lower level or no fluoride because of the greater risk of potential fluoride toxicity. Given Peg Paste is a natural, fluoride-free formulation, it is safe for junior toothypegs. We recommend children use a pea size amount and brush under adult supervision.

Science shows that Hydroxyapatite helps ease tooth sensitivity by filling in microscopic pathways to the nerves in the teeth. With fewer pathways exposed, the less sensitivity and discomfort you should feel to touch, food and temperature. Remember to always consult your dental professional for oral health advice and before trying new products.

Peg Paste does not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or SLS, a common ingredient that acts as a thickener in toothpaste products. SLS can have negative, degenerative effects that can contribute to, or worsen serious oral health issues such as dry mouth, mouth ulcers, mouth irritation and bad breath. Changing to an SLS free toothpaste can make a difference if you’re experiencing these symptoms. Remember to always consult your dentist or dental hygienist for oral health advice and before trying new products.

Hydroxyapatite is a restorative mineral that occurs naturally in teeth and bones. Hydroxyapatite works to repair, remineralise and strengthen the tooth’s outer layer, acting as a buffer to help prevent mineral loss, tooth erosion, tooth sensitivity and plaque.

Prebiotics support a healthy balance of oral bacteria by acting as a booster to feed, balance and nourish good bacteria, while forcing out bad bacteria. It is important to maintain oral hygiene so harmful bacteria does not take over potentially leading to bad breath, cavities and disease.

Prebiotics are generally tougher and more powerful than probiotics. Probiotics are beneficial live bacteria but can die off quickly once they come into contact with human enzymes. Prebiotics on the other hand are nondigestible by human enzymes, and function as food for the beneficial good probiotic bacteria already living in the oral microbiome.

Hydroxyapatite is special ingredient, designed to repair, remineralise and strengthen tooth enamel.

Calcium Carbonate, an ingredient in Peg Paste, is a natural, mild abrasive which helps to safely remove plaque when brushing your teeth and polish the tooth’s surface.

Peg Paste does not contain any artificial colours or flavours.

Peg Paste does not contain any alcohol.

Please get in touch with us via the Contact Page. We’d love you to test our products and provide your professional feedback.

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Airless pump packaging uses a vacuum system to dispense rather than a straw which avoids air and contaminant exposure. This keeps the contents fresh while enhancing the formula's stability and effectiveness.

The bottom plate that pushes the product to the top can sometimes become stuck and requires some assistance before using it for the first time:

1. Hit the bottom of the bottle on a flat surface several times to loosen the plate.

2. Turn the product upside down and slowly pump the dispenser 15-20 times.

3. If the product starts pumping, you can use it right side up as normal. If this does not work or if the product stops dispensing, repeat the above steps 2-3 more times.

We do not recommend dismantling the product. If your product still does not dispense after several attempts, please contact us and we will issue you a new Peg Paste pump or full refund.

Peg Paste packaging is fully recyclable. Once you have emptied your product, simply discard it with your regular household recycling.

Peg Paste is made and manufactured in the Mornington Peninsula region of Victoria, Australia at FLUX Laboratory. Read more about this on our Information page.